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Relax, de-stress ...let us pamper you with amazing delicious Food & Holistic Therapies for more inner peace in your new life !

Are you looking for the perfect time and place to rejuvenate your Body Mind & Spirit?!

Like to explore an beautiful tropical Island... where the Ocean is refeshing blue turquese to relax and heal your soul.

Amazing breakthrough therapies to rejuvenate your body mind and spirit awaiting you for a
week break... or a 2 weeks getaway to get well!

You can choose

between our amazing delicious gourmet" Vegetarian Meals "

or " taste & delicious Jamaican cousine "

or go green and total Raw with an exiting Varienty

of raw food specialties which will inspire you and get your Body purched for an new beginning!

We offer Holistic Health Therapies for anyone to try and be able to affort...!

We all desurve to have our body mind and spirit pampered on all levels !


Regarding the food issues... some of us experience we are very flexible and
how serious your cleansing goes completely up to you!

You can choose

between our amazing delicious gourmet" Vegetarian Meals " , Rawfood /Vegan meal's

or a balanced between " tasty & delicious Jamaican Seafood cousine " combined with tropical flavored vegetarian delicacies !

The purple Program:

is the perfect choice for People who may like to try for the first time

a real Wellness Vacation package where the diet is a creative mix of

regular gourmet health food meals and an amazing introduction

to Wholesome vegetarian delicacies !

Trust our 30 year of experience in International Gourmet Food specialties ... you will be satisfied !

For anyone the perfect Accomodation typ!

We have for you Luxury Private Villas or a the cosy surouding of a Guest House

and a lovely 30 Bedroom Beach front Porperty to insure that finallty Health Conscious Couples could can have here their perfect romantic wedding on teh breathtaking beaitiful green lawn on teh beach.... or the Honymoon of their dreams !

Wellcation Packages for anyone to enjoy!

most of our Accomodations are transformed into awesome retreat facilities and the rooms are offered in the green concept even for very sensitive guests!

(demand need to be clarified while booking)

The Private Luxury Villas has their own treament and consulting rooms for your convinients

and of course lovely green concept guest rooms!

Our Main Therapy facility " Villa Harmony Gardens "

Is where most guest are enjoying their meals and therapies and through high demands we will be relocate in the newar Furture to have also a view beautiful Guest rooms available.

The conscious choice to visit this Island of wood and water will have you experience our unique and most effective Therapies to regain or learn to maintain optimal health!

  • We assist you with easy steps to follow continue at your home a new and healthy lifestyle .

  • Learn to calm your mind to deal with any stress level and occuring situations.

  • learn power meditation techiques and breathing to heal your body at anytime anywhere

  • learn to create amazing delicious Gourmet Health food Foods to suprise your self and impress your guests!

    Stay for a wonderful mini Wellness weekend from Friday to Sunday !

    Enjoy a 1 week Wellness retreat with your personalized health Plan.

    Or comit yoru self to a 2 weeks fun/ wellcation time to rejuvenate Body Mind and Spirit !

    Or is you are sirious stay for a 4 weeks all inclusive healing Vacation / time out in Paradise !

    All our beautiful facilities are set up as a pure health / healing re-treat center
    great Food amazing therapies to nurture body mind and soul.

    Our profecional and loving staff will insure you the very best time in ever here in this Natural sunny paradies Jamaica ..

    Therapeutic Massages are very valuable when done professionally by a completely balance/harmonized therapist who knows about the amazing Bio~ energetic exchange between therapist and client!
    A healing touch of unconditional love can work miracles.... so try us and let us surprise you!

    The newest breaking through technique to realign your emotional balance
    effective detoxification programs for solon brain and blood
    many new amazing therapies to create happiness and healing from deep within are now available in Jamaica
    email us for reservations always or call 876 796 5080 or the
    FL area code 786 463 5189

    Are you ready for your healing time ?for some healing can come and enjoy the island of wood and water
    Enjoy the most delicious and nutrious Gourmeet health food and nutritional treasures we have to offer !

    Start right from the morning when you wake up with amazing healthy delicacies to start your day in a high emotional level...!
    Let us pamper you and your Guest completely!

    After this may first time of healthy holidays you will be able to share your experiences & love for this island of wood and water.

    People are out there all aroudn you suffering... so please recomment us Now to your friends and co workers who looking for healing!
    recomment us to your suffering or health seeking Family members so they all will know there is help and hope out here !

    Testimonial / Facts : The past 8 years of having Wellness guest /cliente comming over for treatment and consultations ... they all told me one lovely thing....when I droped them at the airport at their departure : " that it was the best time in there entire life...!" I am really happy know thet we are always doing our very best to make it happen over and over again!!!


    IT is our passion/mission... to help people finding them selfs ... finding a new beginning and a new lifestyle.

    Let us assist you to find happyness ... health and let us show you the infinite possibilities to contuinue a lovely health consious life after leaving here !

    Contact us and let us work out a perfect packages deal for :
  • Montag, 29. November 2010

    Healthy Holiday in Jamaica

    All inclusive Wellcation weekend deals Friday to Sunday are available for 790 US

    3-4 Wellness & fun days from Thursday to Sunday to 1200 US

    1 Longevity promoting ~ Wellness Week of amazing stress releasing, holistic and gentle natural therapies to replenish your body and soul.
    Bio-energetic alignment, healing massages ,lifestyle transforming cooking/dance classes filled with delicious joy and at leased 4 days of fun beach time at the famous Dr. Cave beach club!
    All inclusive approx. : 2890 US

    2 fantastic weeks of an all inclusive Wellcation Time ... including a wide variety of teh newest/breaking through holistic therapies, delicious gourmet health foods, Interesting workshops , meditaion ,cooking & Dance classes to inspire your mind and refresh your senses.
    Also included are 4 fun trips around the sunny Island of lush woods & amazing fresh waters to realign your happiness levels to manifest more happiness into your life.
    appox : 4890 US

    Learn here with lovely like minded people how easy it is to love your self and make the righ/conscious desicion of a life in happiness and health!

    This unforgetable wellcation in the wellness and natural treasures paradiese Jamaica is a life time investment for you, your family and/or your guest ! you will always remember !

    Empower your self and invest in your health now for a brighter future!

    Even a just 4 days stay will have a dramatic impact to change your entire attitude /outlook of your self and what it your purpose in the world/life!

    You will feel the different in a view hours being here and easting healing foods prepared with unconditional love... that health food can be fantastic, delicious and wholesome to satisfy all your taste buds.

    Let us assist you with any health issue/life crises you might experience ...

    More about our therapies and sevices @

    More then 25 years of reseache and 18 years of practical/holistically aplied therapies for natural healing was very successful experienced by over 2000 clients who visited Harmony Gardens in Jamaica.

    Cancer has become the # 1 cause of death and NOW is teh perfect time for you to learn about cancer to understand
    1) what it really is and
    2) how we can prevent us 100% effective from it's development
    3) what can actually stop and reverse the already in our system developed cancer
    cells from spreading.

    We are specialist and have created 100% natural and very effective cancer reversal/therapy/prevention protocols....(never published yet!)

    We offer our services in Jamaica which are based on clarification of the real cause of your problems !

    Alignment between body mind and spirit for the effective removal of all emotional blockages /sabotaging of the self healing ....based on mind over matter fact !

    Followed by a physical detox ( fungus , parasites , Heavy metals , chemicals/ drugs/ Vaccine waste) and total rejuvenation program including amazing energetic Spring water and life food diet ( kinesiologically tested individually)

    A quiete and very soul thoothing environment and a loving and kind team of holist therapist/chefs will pamper you from head to toe!

    This 7 week Cancer programs requires weekly 3 Bio- Energetic alignments to re-boost the positive vibration/thought processing/development to maintain a happy attitude of gratitude!
    On top of all of this we are using the amazing effective Dr. Beck Zapper, Apricot Kernels,Colloidal silver and many more mother nature treasure for the rejuvenation eliminate any form of cancer cell development right in the beginning.

    We have developed a new and amazing POWER GREEN with some of the most powerful greens on earth (high anti oxidative effects) to clean the Colon /blood from any toxic waste.

    to find out more just google Sigrid Ribbe

    Small groups /companies are wellcome for a resoable packages deal for there Group/company retreats !

    To many many peopel are out there are suffering and need help to regain hope faith and trust in there future !so we coudl also market it as a gift package for there beloved ones... send your wife she is unhappy and need a chance to realigen here thought...

    Send your husband when he need to start a new lifestyle! ...

    send your mother ... to regain and learn to maintain here so valuable health!

    send your father when he need a healing vacation to clear his head to make and actualize the needed changes in his life !

    Learn to release your corrupted child-hood programs .....
    set you self free to be... that beautiful masterpiece of creation the creator had intended you to be !

    WE are all wonderful .. loving , kind, great looking, intelligent beings........and we all deserve the very best in life!

    Never give up believing that there is a wonderful life out there !

    Your egg shell break through is called REB session and available anytime you are ready for it!call 876 953 25 93 or 876 796 5080 !

    Natürlich Gesund

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